YOU’RE FIRED! How to Switch Real Estate Agents

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Here are tips on how to switch real estate agents, even if your contract has not expired.

Tip number 1, if your agent fails to perform what they agreed to do in your opinion and your agent is not performing the duties as they outlined in their agreement, you can cancel your agreement even if the agreement has not yet expired. Some examples are lack of communication, failure to perform their duties that were promised, not following up with the leads and the showings and the property inquiries. So when you sign your next agreement, ask them for a written list of the seller’s benefits that the listing agent will perform, not just what’s in the canned state contract.

Tip number 2, don’t stay stuck with an agent that’s not performing. You know, many fear that they owe a commission to the first agent that you’re firing. And here’s why. There are some agents that will claim ownership of other agents’ buyers who showed the home, but the actual rules are not very clear. In fact, you might owe a commission to the first agent if there was an offer brought during the time of their listing and that same buyer ended up purchasing the home. So ultimately you want to make sure that there are no issues, that you get it in writing from them, that they’re willing to cancel the contract. And if there is any concern about it, make sure you consult with an attorney. Here’s another reason why you should not be afraid. No agent wants to be known for making unhappy clients. Stick to a contract. You know an agent’s reputation is everything, especially online. So if an agent will not cancel a contract and further obligates you to stay with their agreement until the end, talk to an attorney and see what they can do for you.

Tip Number 3, get a written cancellation. Your current agent. If they are canceling and you want to go out and find a top-notch agent this time, take the time to interview the best agents, ask all the right questions. Find out why your home has not sold. Solve that problem together. You know, we know there’s nothing fun about showing a house, keeping the house and top-notch showing condition, making it completely available for showings. It’s not fun. And I’ve had some sellers so desperate to stop the showings that they were just anxious to sign a contract because they couldn’t endure it anymore. You want to hire a real estate agent that can get things done fast and for top dollar. So as promised to receive your free report on how to sell a house that didn’t sell, please click on the link on the screen or give us a call at our office.

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