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Top 7 Home Improvements That Make Property Values Increase

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Top 7 Home Improvements That Make Property Values Increase

Hi, I’m Barb Schlinker and I Help People sell fast and for top dollar. I would like to share with you some tips on the Top Home Improvements to Increase Your Home Value.

1. Great Real Estate agent can guide you through appropriate home improvements

You want to meet with a great real estate agent that can guide you through appropriate home improvements that increase your home’s value for your price range. A quick, inexpensive way to increase value is a fresh coat of paint or especially painting over-dramatic colors, especially dark brown and terracotta. Neutrals are always best. Many people will eliminate homes online if they perceive they need to invest in home improvements, even in something as easy and inexpensive as paint. I’ve seen homes sit on the market because home sellers held on to the Bronco Orange walls in the family room. The other paint trend that came and went is faux painting. It’s now considered a dated looking application, although many people spent a lot of money getting artistic faux painting. Its ok in a powder bath but if it covers the main living area you may want to consider neutralizing faux paint

2. Improvements in kitchens and baths

These are typically a good investment but a full-on remodel can be very costly. If you complete a full kitchen remodel and you may not get a full return on your investment. Simply upgrading kitchen appliances can go a long way in attracting more money for you home. Appliances might be detracting for buyers if they are white or a mismatch of color finishes. Whether or not you need to update appliances also depends on the price range, so you want to consult with a great real estate agent that knows the market and knows whether-or-not that investment is worthwhile. I recently had a home that sold in one of our most popular neighborhoods, Briar gate, in which they had all-white appliances. But those appliances were clean and in good condition. That home seller invested in nice fresh darker wood flooring and white trim and the rest of home was in good condition, fresh and clean. That home had over 100 people at the open house and it sold for thousands over asking price because they made the appropriate improvements and the home was priced appropriately. Another very inexpensive thing you can do to make your kitchen very appealing is to add updated cabinet pull knobs on the kitchen cabinets. Also, if it’s in your budget, you may want to consider upgrading the countertops to a solid surface or even better quality and color of Formica. Some of the Formica counters available today have the appearance of granite. I had one seller who fought me on changing the mauve-colored kitchen counters out to a neutral. He reluctantly changed the countertops and it paid off! His home sold quickly and for a new high price in the neighborhood

3. Declutter the home

These may seem obvious. Yet many people are not aware of how their home should look when they present it for sale. To get a good idea on how to declutter, go visit new construction models. They always get it right. Another idea is to take some photos of your home, then take a look at those photos on your computer. You will be surprised how much different it looks in pictures.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

You can never be too clean. Clean the front door, clean all kitchens and baths so they sparkle. Make the home looks spotless. Even consider having your ducts cleaned out.

5. Curb Appeal

This is hugely important because we know what buyers like to do. If and only if they like the pictures on-line, most buyers will drive by the home to see if they like not only the neighborhood but mostly the appearance of the outside of the home. For most buyers, if they see that the yard is not kept up, they will assume the inside of the home will be even worse. Some easy things to improve curb appeal besides keeping up with landscaping is painting the front door, check the condition of the mailbox and make it look good, update the much and/or rock beds, plant some flowers. Even fake flowers in the winter are well received.

6. Central Air Conditioning

Here in Colorado, many people do not have central air conditioning because of our short, cool summers and because it typically cools off enough at night to open the windows and let the fresh air in. However, more and more people are investing in Central Air Conditioning. And, not only will get a 100% return on your investment for it, but it will make your home much more appealing to buyers.

7. Light Fixtures

This is a relatively inexpensive thing to do as you go along. But light fixtures can be updated at a very low cost but go a long way in making your home look great. The color of metal should match the look in your home but it might be best to stay away from a gold finish and stick with either satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze colored metal in the fixtures.

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