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Most people do not sell a home very often. Some have never had that experience. Technology has changed, marketing has changed significantly. Buyers will eliminate homes that they are viewing ONLINE in less than 1 minute! I recently had one client tell me that she gives a home 5 clicks only before she moves on the to next house. This is why preparation to make your home the Best One On the Block is Extremely important.

It’s sad to say that most agents spend less than $89 a month on marketing!  That includes photos for their listings.  I know that cell phones are pretty good now however, this is their largest investment. Home sellers have NO IDEA who is eliminating their homes based on the photos. If Someone is thinking of selling your home they should find an agent that will invest in the following to help you maximize your sales price:


  • Staging
  • Preparation
  • Curb Appeal
  • Professional Photography
  • Virtual Tours
  • Talking House Ads
  • Drone Video

Let’s Start with Staging, Most people do not know how to do this, we provide Interior Designers that help them re-design their own decorating. Make recommendations on removing clutter. Prepare for Photo Day.

No Staging…Not sold Days on market are increasing – 4 times the average. 

Staging Sold in 2 Days

If the home is Vacant, we can either insert staging items or virtually Stage, furniture brought in.

Virtual Staging:

The whole idea is to get Buyers to Want to Choose Your Home to View and NOT eliminate it ONLINE! We Know that Buyers Eliminate Homes ONLINE in less than 1 minute or 5-8 clicks of a mouse. It’s so important that buyers fall in love with your home online first. Then they drive by, if they like what they see… they ask to go inside. We have all kinds of tools including; Video (3 different kinds, depending on the home) Professional photography AFTER staging is done.

Talking House Ads. Even Drone and Drone video. We also eliminate photos that don’t add value like. Pictures of an unattractive bathroom.  Most sellers think we must show everything in a home. That is not true…less IS more. My team is trained to make sure your home looks MORE valuable than the asking price ONLINE so it gets picked as ‘THE MUST SEE HOME”!

If you are thinking of making a move callBarb at719 301 3900 The 7 Things You Must Know Before Putting Your Home UP for Sale

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