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How Barb Matches Her Buyers To Your Home

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We market for buyers all the time in our business. Just to put that in perspective, the average agent spends $89 a month on marketing. We spend much, much more, not just for sellers but to attract buyers. Our business is structured with what we call direct response marketing
We don’t buy leads from Zillow or, because when people ask about home through those websites their contact information gets shared with dozens of agents and I’m sure those people experience their phones suddenly blowing up. We actually advertise online on various social media websites and Google to attract buyers to our listings and to get access to all the homes.

Most buyers do not know how it works. They see something online and when they inquire, they think they Zillow does NOT tell the public the home has a contract. So with our low inventory of homes. Buyers reach out through that site and often get told…” oh that one has a contract, I can show you other homes…” It’s frustrating for buyers because they realize they are getting bad data. Our buyers are offered access to all the homes and the best data.

They voluntarily give us their contact information. Our Sales team reaches out to them, and when we reach them, we find out when they are moving, if they are right now buyers, we meet with them, help them get access to all of the homes, and help them get the best financings. Unlike other agents who use an opportunity to show how to meet a buyer. We actually interview them and make sure they can buy a home before we go show them homes. We have accumulated well over 23,200 buyers in our database of Buyers-In-Waiting, many of which are looking for homes right now.

When we get an opportunity to meet with home sellers, we show up with a list of buyers that are not just a price match but a very high match to their home based on all of the buyer’s search factors. They can search as many as 100 different factors on our website.

Things like:
●# Bedrooms
●# of Bathrooms
●Square Footage
●Style of floor plan
●School District
●Neighborhood, etc

Most home sellers are blown away when they see our list of buyers that are a very HIGH match to their home It’s like we were already looking for a buyer for their home before we ever met.

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