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What are some things that will cause a person’s home to get digitally eliminated ONLINE?
These are worries that keep me up at night. Home sellers might be surprised to know a few facts. The training for real estate agents in regards to marketing is very limited. There is just not much training on it. You would be SHOCKED or you may have seen some AWFUL MARKETING PHOTOS trying to entire buyers to see a home posted by untrained real estate agents. Example: Price: $590k Not ONE photo was in focus, 67 Days on the Market Price: $415,000 Halloween Decorations
Halloween was WEEKS AGO! Here is another of the same home: Two dirty cars in front driveway Makeshift dumpster in the yard. You wonder why it’s been sitting on the market for 70+ days!!!!! Agents are just not trained to attract buyers to want to come to see the home!

The Average Buyers spends LESS than 57 Seconds Viewing a Single Home ONLINE. You have NO IDEA what buyers are eliminating homes, but here is what you can do about it… Ask friends and family to look at the house and ask for feedback!
Tell them they will NOT hurt your feelings. You want them to be brutally honest!… Like a picky buyer.
You want an agent that knows how to position the home with photos to get people to WANT to see your home.
That could mean NOT every room is imaged. Sometimes if there is a delay in getting marketing photos, I got more showings because it’s different and people are curious enough to see it based on the outside look of the home.
My team is trained to use the right wordsmithing to attract the buyers to connect with the home with emotions…not data! If you are thinking of making a move and want some in-home consultation on how to get your home ready for sale… Give us a call at 719 301 3900

Here are some other things that can home sellers can do to stop buyers from swiping left ONLINE.

  • Dirt
  • Low Light – heavy window coverings
  • Religious items
  • Dated finished
  • Outdated countertops
  • Dramatic Paint Colors
  • Tired flooring
  • Dead or Poorly Maintained Landscaping

In a Nutshell: Buyers do not typically want to remodel projects
Regardless of your situation or budget, we can help you get ready. We have what we call the HELP program which
We pre-pay for a few reasonable updates that can make the difference between sold for top dollar and NOT sold. To find out more give us a call at
719 301 3900.

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