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Why Taking the First Offer May Not Be the Best Offer & Hot New Listings
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When a home seller gets an offer on their home, how do they decide whether or not to wait for another offer or take the first one that comes along?

A home inventory is down by 51% from a year ago and sales are up 22%! If you have priced the home appropriately, it is just as important to hire the right agent that understands how to get you top dollar. Just last week, I scheduled 3 showings for my buyers on a Thursday, planning for a Saturday showings. They were shopping = in the $575-$600K price range. By Saturday AM, two of those appointments had been canceled because the sellers accepted offers and did not want to show. While that may seem to be a victory for the seller and their agent….how do they know my weekend shopping buyer would not pay MORE FOR THE HOME?

At the end of the day, it’s up to the seller but, for my business, I like to slow it down a bit and make sure I’m exposing my listing to most of the current buyer population to command top dollar! Typically you can tell when the home hits the market whether or not there will be huge demand based on the number of requested showings and views only. But it takes an experienced agent who actively sells a lot of home in this market to know that information.

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