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What Not to Fix When Selling a House

What not to fix when selling a house

Making repairs and upgrades before listing your home seems logical to attract buyers. However, not all fixes actually boost your home’s sale price. Others simply aren’t worth the effort and expense. As a seller, focusing your time and money on the right projects can better position your house to sell quicker and for more money. Let’s dive into what not to fix when selling your house

Key Takeaways 

  • Minor flaws like scratches or faded paint often aren’t deal breakers
  • Focus instead on cleaning, decluttering and staging 
  • Prioritize fixes that impact livability and function  

Understand Buyer Perspectives

Buyers expect some minor cosmetic flaws given a home’s age and previous owners. Things like worn paint colors, faded carpets, or scratched floors won’t deter most buyers as long as your home checks the major boxes like space, layout and mechanical systems. These minor issues you currently notice likely fade into the background for an excited buyer walking through your home. 

Declutter Instead of Renovating

Many buyers have the resources and vision to remodel areas to fit their tastes. Showcase the size and potential of your rooms by thoroughly decluttering first. Pack away personal items, clean out closets and clear off counter space. Freshly painted or replaced elements won’t matter if buyers feel overwhelmed by clutter distracting them. This preparation also helps buyers focus on your home’s positives instead of any slight flaws.

Prioritize Function and Livability

While staging and decluttering help immensely, some areas do require fixing, especially if they impact livability. Buyers want reassurance that major systems like electrical, plumbing and HVAC are sound and up to date. Also address leaks, appliance functionality and anything that supports daily household needs. Save decorative upgrades for the buyers to implement later. Focus time and money on improvements that ensure seamless function.

The key as a seller is recognizing what turns buyers away from a listing and what they likely have the vision to transform themselves later. Allow your real estate agent to guide recommended fixes as well. Often a simple repair or fresh coat of paint works wonders without major renovations.

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What Not To Fix When Selling A House?
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