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What Home Sellers Should Know About Sewer, Septic and Wells When Selling A Home
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Many people do not pay close attention to the sewer, septic, and well systems of their homes unless there are problems. What should people thinking of selling their homes do to prepare their homes with those systems? Well, that is correct, most people do not worry too much about their sewer, septic or well systems unless there are issues. If the home has a sewer line… I recommend you ask a sewer company to come out and scope the sewer and/or clean it. There are the typical rotor rooter type companies Or there is something called Hydro Cleaning Which is a high volume spray hose that clears out the line – cost is under $500, You are looking for breaks in the line or any roots blocking the lines. These can be really costly repairs and you want to know about them before you are in the midst of a sale. Septic systems are a whole different ball game…

Who Has to Check it? Could be either – usually Seller

○ Septic Company Inspects
■ Cost for Inspection: $275
■ Cost for Pumping: $200
■ If the tank more than 40% full – must be pumped
■ The seller applies for Septic Transfer Document Here:
● https://www.elpasocountyhealth.org/se…
● Cost $65
■ If System OK County issues Transfer in about 5 Business Days
■ Land Mines:
● Leach field failure can be hugely expensive $25000 – $35,000
● The system must be brought up to code:
○ Most common are Risers must be in place
○  About $50

The wells are relatively easy to work with and after the break, we will cover that…
What are some other issues you see with these systems? Wells typically is not an issue.
However, if the buyer is getting a VA loan Va requires the well be tested for Bacteria, Nitrates, Lead, and sometimes Copper. The lead test can take as long as 3 weeks to get the results back. Who Inspects? – Buyer usually

Most common inspections:

○ Water Test – Required for VA & Fha
■ Tests for: Bacteria, Copper, Lead & Nitrates
■ Cost about $100

■ Bacteria – Well Shocking
■ Cost About $500

● Put bleach in the well cannot use for 4 days
➢Flow Tests: Run water a LONG time
○ Cost about $450
○ Also, check pump functionality and pressure tank performance
○ Note Tell sellers if they have a filter to change it before the inspection

Where you find the permits:
○ https://dwr.state.co.us/Tools/WellPer…
➢The state now requires Well Permit to be transferred into the new owner’s name
➢Things to watch out for:
○ Water Test
○ Flow
○ Age of Well
○ Functionality of Well

If there are people out there thinking of selling their homes, how can they get more information?
They can call 719 301 3900

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