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Inspector’s Gadget Killed the Furnace

Here’s the first in a mini-series of three “inspector’s gadget” videos about what happens during home inspections here in Colorado.

This happened to a home seller client of ours. A first-time home buyer’s lender initiated a home inspection. Our client’s home was an older home. It actually had two furnaces.

The inspector came with his little gadget to check out the furnace. All of a sudden this little gadget that was supposed to read carbon monoxide went off!

Red Alert!

So the inspector “red tagged” the furnace and scared the home buyer out of buying a home!

The furnace was only a year and a half old and you could not smell any gas. There was nothing wrong with the furnace. There was something wrong with the home inspector’s gadget.

This is the kind of situation that we deal with all the time. We make sure that if an inspector comes up with something (that may or may not be accurate) we’re going to spend the time and build it into our contract. We make sure that we have time to verify that with professional contractors that we trust.

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