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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before You Hire Them

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The Top 5 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before You Hire them.

Not all real estate agents are the same. If you decide to seek the help of an agent when selling or buying your home, you need some good information before you make any moves.

Some agents may prefer that you don’t ask these questions, because the knowledge you’ll gain from their honest answers will give you a very good idea about what outcome you can expect from using this agent. And let’s face it – in real estate, as in life – not all things are created equal.

Hiring a real estate agent is just like any hiring process – with you on the boss’s side of the desk. It’s critical that you make the right decision about who will handle what is probably the single largest financial investment you will ever make

Let’s start with the 1st one…

#1 What makes you different?  Why should I list my home with you?

With this question, you are looking for unique marketing plans that make your home stand out.

As well as what things this agent offers that others do not help you sell with the least amount of hassle and the most amount of money.

#2 How Many Buyers Are You Currently Working with?

The more buyers your agent is working with, the better the chances are of selling your home quickly.  Some agents talk about maybe having 1 buyer.  We have thousands of buyers who have given us their contact information and are searching for homes. Plus, our team is calling them to help them go to the next step in the process if they are thinking of making a move now.  We have some buyers that are searching for years, then suddenly say…ok, let’s do it now.  Others are right now.  We know how to find those.

Most agents list and home and then go try to find a buyer through other agent’s buyers

We already have a database of buyers we can market to before your home goes on the market!

Here is another great question they can ask…

# 3 On average, when your listings sell, how close is the selling price to the asking price?

This gives you a good indication of the agent’s ability to help home sellers, price their home realistically.

As a homeowner, I would assume most agents know how they perform against their competition is that true?

  1. Actually no.  Most do not pay attention to it.  The truth is there are about 4800 licensed agents in the Pikes Peak Region.
  2. 74% sell 3 or less homes PER YEAR!
  3. With that performance how can they even have any performance statistics?
  4. Most home sellers have no way of finding out unless that has.  

iii. So here is a good question a home seller can ask…

  1. # 4 On average, how long does it take for your listings to sell as compared to the market average?
  2. Here you are looking to see if the agent knows the market average first if they have listings second and how long it takes them to sell their listings.
  1. Richard….

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1) What about questions about marketing, how important is that to a home selling?

  1. Marketing is a huge piece of selling because it attracts the most buyers to the home! Absolutely!
  2. A majority of agents spend no more than $89 a month on marketing!  
  3. Some even charge their home sellers for the photos!! Plus a huge commission!
  4. You want the agent that know-how and where to market to get the most buyers interested in your home.
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