5 Keys to Thrive When Selling Your Home Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado

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5 Keys to Thrive When Selling Your Home

  1. Yes, there are Five Keys to Thrive, meaning get the most amount of money when you sell.  We go into a lot of detail on my bi-weekly webinar.  Our listeners can register for it at www.HowToSellWebinar.com
  2. Let’s start with the 1st one:  
  3. Be The Best Home On Block
  4. In all aspects, condition and price
  5. If you don’t have the resources to update the home…ok then the price it should be priced to be the best home on the block…Ex
  6. Recently had a home that had heavy cigarette smoke damage, seller wanted to sell it as it was…ok
  7. We took the best pictures we could and priced it to get the most offers.
  8. Result: 48 offers, sold for 23% OVER asking price…it Was the BEST DEAL on the block
  9. The Second is 
  10. Hire an Agent Who Knows How to Create Demand: 
  11. Top-notch online and offline presentation
  12. Photos matter because 99% of buyers start their search online and…
  13. More importantly –buyers eliminate homes online based on the photos
  14. Marketing not just on the Multiple Listing Service but in places where the buyers are…
  15. Includes multiple websites
  16. Social media has had explosive growth since more people are working from home. Richard

I have seen some of those really bad photos of even high-priced homes before. I can see how a buyer would eliminate homes with an online search. What are some Problems that Buyers Have in order to purchase homes these days?

  1. About 80% of home buyers moving up or moving down to another home, have to sell a home to buy a home
  2. In a hot market, this is difficult because home sellers want a clean, no-hassle sale. 
  3. If they have to wait for yet another buyer to perform in order to sell their home, it puts the entire transaction in doubt.
  4. Just like the car business, who has figured this out, we offer a trade-up program.
  5. There are many other issues buyers have as well, including buying them out of their lease contracts.
  6. If potential home sellers want to hear more detail about these systems they are welcome to register for our Free Webinar at, www.HowToSellWebinar.com
  7. Richard…

We are here talking with Barb Schlinker of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, you can reach Barb at 719-301-1802 

You’ve highlighted 3 of the Five Keys to Thrive when Selling a Home, 

  1. Bes the Best Home on the Block
  2. Create Demand with Aggressive Marketing and
  3. Solve Buyer Problems tell us about the last two:

2) #4 is Negotiate Effectively –

  1. This is a skill that is not often taught in the industry but the public expects that all agents know how to negotiate.  Our webinar goes into more detail about how to negotiate effectively.

3) #5 Is Pricing Correctly

  1. When I meet with sellers, I spend a lot of time on the pricing decision.  It really is the first impression of your home and the #1 question…How Much?
  2. Our new bi-weekly webinar where our listeners can register at www.HowToSellWebinar.com 
  3. We talk a lot about how to approach pricing a home the right way to command the most amount of money when it sells.

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