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Things Your Real Estate Agent Should Be Doing to Sell Your Home
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Everyone is saying the market is really strong for home sellers. But many people think all agents have to do is put the home on the market and it will automatically sell. Is that true?I’ve had home sellers tell me, agents do not do anything or why should I pay you for just 1 week a work? I get it but not every real estate agent is the same. There are so many things that come under scrutiny when buyers are looking at homes. You won’t know who is eliminating your home or why based on the photos alone! I still see so many agents who use their iPhones to get pictures taken. I recently walked through a bunch of home images with a $500,000 buyer and their comments were very telling…
Some images made the kitchen look really small when it wasn’t.
Many left out spaces that were important to them.
Most agents do NOT study marketing. Did you know the key spaces a buyer looks at is as follows:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Back Yard/View
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Master Bathroom
  • Master Bedroom

Agents should know and stack the photos to keep those buyers from eliminating homes based on the pictures. That is STEP! Other things agents should do is have the expertise to help home sellers appropriately price a home… 74% of the Agents sell 3 or fewer homes A YEAR. How would they know about pricing if they are not actively selling? This is one of THE BIGGEST pieces of marketing that can make or lose a home seller THOUSANDS! Just ask Rod & Sandi: We sold their home for $30,000 over asking price in just 6 days!

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