The Pain of Moving – How to Make Moving Easier for Home Sellers

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The Pain of Moving – How to Make Moving Easier for Home Sellers
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I don’t know anyone who enjoys moving, but the whole process of selling your home then moving can be daunting. You have some tips on how to make it easier, tell us about them?

1. There are a lot of options for moving, some good pre-planning can go a long way to make it easier!
a) Let’s start with getting your house ready to sell…
1. Enemy #1 for Getting Great Photos is CLUTTER

2. Part of our included services that we provide to our clients is the General Staging Notes, that get the homeowner started on Decluttering

3. Then when our included stage comes to visit: They can see the furniture and clutter that needs to be stored away ad what needs to be used for a ‘redesign’ that makes the images look good with your own décor.

4. This is a subtle way to get ready to move:
a) Store the things you MUST keep for your next home
b) Give away or Re-purpose the things you do not want to keep or may not have space for in your new home.
5. The BEST part is that there are some reasonable services available that can help you with the process:
a) Storage spaces, many of which offer low-cost 1st-month storage is free or $1 deals.
b) Pod-Like storage services are great to start packing early…

Example – U-Haul has their U-Boxes
a. Each box holds 1.5 rooms
b. Have them pick up at any time
c. They store them and deliver them anywhere in the world!

The best part about using this system is that it does not have to be done all on 1 day!
We are talking Barb about Moving. What are some other solutions to help home sellers plan their move?

1. If there ever was a time to get organized, this is it! You can try to pack with different color tape or tags for different rooms. Eg: Kitchen, Living Room, Master, Kids
2. When seller if you are selling while living in the home, many times the home buyers may be interested in letting you leave things they want. Keep in mind when you are selling furniture, it becomes like a garage sale value. Used furniture typically sells for 10% of what you paid for it.

You may get lucky and sell it for more on those online apps like:
1. LetGo (best for Quick Sales)
2. eBay (best for Big Ticket items)
3. Facebook Marketplace (reaches a wider audience)
4. OfferUp (best for Buyers)
5. Nextdoor: Best for Local Sales

3. Appliances – I have this discussion with every home seller:
Refrigerators (unless built-in like SubZero), Washers, and Dryers are considered ‘Personal Property” and are NOT included with the Real Estate: An appraiser only gives a value of $150 Each and I know they cost much more. If you want to leave them, it’s a courtesy to do so. You want to make sure if you do leave them you don’t get stuck having to repair things like Ice Dispensers (which almost always fail) I recommend you put in your contract those things are offered as a courtesy only and sold “as is”…meaning the seller will not repair them as part of the home inspection process.

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