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Step 11. Why Does a Buyer Need a Final Walkthrough? | Home Selling Process Timeline

Haven’t they already done an inspection? Why does the buyer need to do a final walkthrough before I sell my home?

The final walkthrough is designed so that the buyer is entitled in the contract to check out the home at the last minute prior to actually purchasing the home. This is to make sure all the agreed-upon inspection items are done and all the inclusions with the home are still there.

Some sellers worry that the home has to be absolutely buyer “move-in ready” at the time of the walkthrough. That’s just not true! 

The house has to be buyer “move-in ready” at the time of the actual possession date and time that you have in your contract. 

So many times home sellers are in the middle of moving and the walkthrough is taking place.

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado the most common stuff we see on walkthroughs are crazy agents trying to renegotiate the deal and ask for even more concessions on the final walkthrough. But we’re prepared for this! And we know how to make sure there are no issues like that for our clients. One of the things we do is to provide receipts/pictures of all the repairs to give them confidence that everything was done. 

But don’t worry about it! We’ve got you covered.

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