Showing and Inspection “Do’s and Dont’s”

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Showing and Inspection “Dos and Dont’s”
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Is there an etiquette that home sellers should plan for when showing their homes?
1. Well, there can be..but it’s not required.

2. Many people allow us to put a lockbox on the home so the showings are done with the agents and their buyers and no others in the home.
a. Our lockboxes are digital and we can set them up so.

i. It sends you a text when the box is opened by the agent showing
ii. And when the box is closed.

4. Most home sellers will leave for the showings.
a. Why: So buyers feel more comfortable discussing the home with their agents.
b. However, it IS YOUR HOME. If you cannot leave or it’s not convenient for you…that’s ok.
c. And, in prices below $400K, there can be so many showings scheduled, it’s a bit challenging to leave all the time.
d. Typically, if you have to be there, we recommend you step out of the way during showings.

This is why picking the right team to sell your home is so important. What About Home Inspections, Should the Seller Be There?
1. Agents would prefer the sellers NOT to be there…
2. However…
a. Inspectors are NOT licensed and do not know the home systems.
b. Recently I had an agent, after requesting her to make sure she attended the inspection because the seller’s teenager would be home alone. She assures me she would be there.
c. The seller has a Ring doorbell. He had her on video walking out the door.
d. I did not trust her so I sent my assistant to check and my assistant arrived 5 minutes before the scheduled inspection
e. There were two strange men inside the home inspecting and AGENT was NOT there!
f. When I confronted her about it later she claimed she forget she had a closing.
g. I guess going to grab money was more important to her than protecting my clients’ family members or personal property.
h. During the inspection, the inspectors made comments to my assistant about the dogs being in crates.
i. I’ve had agents do that before, open the door for the inspector and LEAVE.
j. It is a license law violation AND it invalidates my insurance.
k. We typically have to send a representative for the seller to inspections that the OTHER agents SHOULD be attending, for this very reason. Or, sometimes the sellers elect to be there which is perfectly fine.
l. I recently had another that my assistant and the seller attended and the inspector tore apart a pedestal sink behind closed doors and caused a leak.

i. The inspection company did have someone repair it….however
ii. Inspections are NOT supposed to allow these unlicensed, people to tear apart the house.
iii. They do have to repair any damage they cause and they
iv. Cannot hold the seller liable if they hurt themselves during an inspection.
v. It’s just something my team and I are very cautious about because things happen and we need to represent our sellers in the best possible manner.

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