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Sell Your Home With the EASY Button and New Cash Buyer Alert
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Selling a home is a project and sometimes it’s a challenge, and sometimes it’s easy. What are some things that make selling your home like hitting the Easy button? The number 1 way to make it the Easy Button is to Hire the Right Team to sell your home. Over 5000 agents, less than 1800 sales every month, this creates a lot of agent desperation because not everyone is getting a monthly income. In fact, 74% of agents Sell 3 or Fewer homes a YEAR! Those agents, do not know what the market is doing and how to get home sellers top dollar and make it easy for them. Those agents would be thrilled to just get you a contract and encourage you to take it!

We sell dozens of homes MONTHLY and absolutely have our finger on the pulse of what is happening in this market. I have seen agents knock on doors and beg to list homes for deep discounts…  However…. you get what you pay for …  And it’s not going to be easy, in fact far from it!  Some agents are really skilled at making it a miserable experience for the buyers and sellers.  I’ve seen agents talk buyers out of buying homes for dumb reasons, it it’s not worth that much  Most are not trained negotiators but just messengers…’ here is the offer, what do you think seller”  Then the buyer comes back with a ridiculous inspection request and compounds the sale with more demands.  People do not buy and sell homes every day and you want a professional who makes the experience as easy as possible. Moving is already a challenge.  With Record low inventory especially, you want an agent how actively sells all the time in this market and knows how to get you the most amount of money.  Last year this time we had over 1900 homes, now low 700s some agents will do anything just to get a listing but it’s what happens after that matters.

Hiring the Right Real Estate Team who knows how to present the home in the best possible light both online and offline  Makes the showing experience less painful. Creates demand by positioning the home to command top dollar – more offers = more choices and better outcome Know how to negotiate in these market conditions to make the sale smooth and easy  We are talking with Barb Schlinker about making the sale the Easy Button Speaking of easy, you have a CASH Buyer that is looking for us a home. Why is a cash buyer easier than other buyers? Yes Richard, I not only have a cash buyer but a buyer that is willing to pay fair market value for a home and is flexible on the closing date.

What most home sellers want is:  To sell quickly, at top dollar, as-is and pick the date they want to move.  Even in this low inventory market, many buyers are insisting they need to be in the house by a certain date plus
With a rising market, it puts the appraisal in doubt.  Cash buyers do NOT need an appraisal – those are only required by lenders.

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