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Realtor Insights: How to Sell Your Colorado Springs Home For More

Can you think back to a time when it was simple to sell your Colorado Springs home for more than you paid. By more, I mean a time where the profit margins were significant. A time when real estate investing was one of the safest investments you could choose. For a typical property investor it wasn’t a question of if you would sell your Colorado Springs Home for more. It was only a question of when…

Unfortunately that world of easy credit and fast profits is no more. Now the real estate environment is much more complicated, fluid, and wildly unpredictable. Those who have ventured into it in recent times know that you can find yourself in a lot of financial trouble. 

Greater Difficulty In Finding Ways To Sell Your Colorado Springs Home For More

The Covid pandemic and all the shocks it brought to this country have changed the way we do just about everything. The world of real estate is not excluded from this seismic change in cultural and business norms. Billions of dollars were poured into the economy while a large portion of the economy was brought to a standstill. The result, unstable and highly volatile real estate markets with new challenges for buyers and sellers. 

Yes the fast increases in property values do favor sellers but there is not an endless pool of buyers who can absorb these property price increases. Add inflation to that mix and you have scores of buyers who:

  1. Cannot even afford the new price of homes
  2. Do not even qualify for financing

This now puts the sellers in a bad situation as well as the buyers. The sellers are competing for a limited pool of applicants. This means they are trying to sell for more in a market where buyers can be scarce. Accordingly, homes can sit for a long time and your goal of finding a way to sell your Colorado Springs home for more will not be easy.

Traditional Methods of Selling Your Home Are Outdated 

Since the market has changed so much it stands to reason that many of the tactics that worked in the past to sell a home are not effective. As a realtor who works with the Colorado Springs market day in and day out we have adjusted our strategy to fit this new hypercompetitive climate. Sadly, many home sellers do not have access to that experience. The results can be disappointing as they struggle without an understanding of what to do. But there is a bright spot here.

You do NOT have to make these same mistakes!

We offer a report with realtor secrets to make sure you are prepared for the real estate market. Our recent report features 7 costly mistakes that most homeowners make when selling their home, as well as a 9 Step System that reveals trouble areas before they impact you. This report features a simple step by step guide to help you sell your home for more than you paid.  

Finding New Ways To Sell Your Colorado Springs Home For More 

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Barb Has The Buyers knows antiquated selling techniques will not work in today’s market. We are there to make sure you do not join the masses of home sellers who do not get a good price for the home they are selling. Partner with us and we can help you tackle the current market successfully.

Costly Mistakes To Avoid When You Go To Sell A Home In Colorado Springs For More

You do not want your home staying unsold any longer than it needs to be. We can help prepare you for the marketing challenges you are going to face. We can also help you anticipate what to do when challenges arise in the home selling process.

Here are examples of common mistakes you do not have to make. These include:

  • Pricing the property unrealistically.
  • Not providing enough information access to buyers 
  • Overselling during the open house

Don’t put yourself in a situation to lose money!

Contact us at 719-301-1802 for a no cost no obligation meeting to go over your options.

Also read this report to familiarize yourself with things to watch out for as you begin your home selling journey.

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