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How We Protect Sellers When the House is Vacant

We’ve got your back, protecting your interests when you’re selling an empty house.

As part of what we do to protect our sellers, especially when they have homes that are left empty, we check on them all the time. Recently, we had a buyer who went to the property with their agent to do a last-minute check on the home. Of course, we did an inspection a few days before closing too. Much to our surprise, the huge, attached three-car garage was full of the buyer’s furniture!

The buyer had moved in before closing! And, the Real Estate Agent allowed it, without permission from our client.

The buyer’s agent was the last to open the door, we knew that because there are records.

I called to ask him, “So, the key is missing and there’s all this stuff in the garage. Where is the key, how did this stuff get in the garage?”

Here’s how the rest of the conversation regarding the move-in before closing:

Broker: “I just have no idea.”

Me: “You were the last one to open the door. Where’s the key?”

Broker: “Oh, well, it’s at my office.”

Me: “Ok, Go Get it.”

Broker: “Well, I’m busy right now.”

Despite his behavior, we got the buyer to move out their belongings and still had a successful sale.

We’re the kind of real estate agents who check on your largest asset to make sure the sale goes smoothly.

We won’t allow other brokers to step out of bounds, legally or ethically, when it comes to respecting your property.

If you are thinking of making a move, especially if the home is vacant, you should know that we watch over our client’s property to make sure you’re protected all the way until the finish line because it is one of your largest assets. To find out more, call or fill out the form.

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