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Not everyone wants to sell their house through a traditional sales process.  Perhaps they inherited a home that needs work or they have had a tenant in the home and do not want to deal with long waiting times to sell. The thing is, how could they sell their house fast and get a great offer? 

According to statistics,  74% of the agents can sell 3 or 4 homes a year and the remaining could not sell any at all, and that could create problems. They can create unreasonable offers, unreasonable inspection demands, or they could tie up properties with unqualified buyers. 

The truth is there’s very little training on how to prepare a buyer to view homes, they come out and ask unreasonable things on the inspection, and don’t understand the current market. There are some agents who simply get an internet lead and meet buyers in the house hoping that they will qualify and like the house so they can make an offer. But they don’t even know if they are really qualified to buy it. 

RBID system is the key to selling a house fast and getting a great offer. RBID or Realty Bid System was created by Barb Schlinker’s team to help the clients sell their homes for top dollar. They schedule a time to present the houses that are pre-screened, pre-inspected by experienced inspectors; and control the flow of showings with a staff. RBID allows sellers to create a greater perception of value over and above other properties for sale, getting them sold faster with less hassle.

With this system there are massive Seller benefits because:

  • RBID increases demand for the home
  • They are Much More Likely to Sell
  • They Sell Faster
  • They Sell for More Money and with Less Hassles

As for the buyers, they have the chance to see the home they get to make their best offers. Most buyers want ‘move in ready’, however, if they perceive a good deal, whether or not a home is updated does not matter as much.  If the home marketed properly they will pay top dollar for a home that is not updated.

Here is an example:



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There is a process to the system and that needs a few weeks advance notice to sell a home properly using the RBID System. It need some lead time to promote the home so the buyers know about it, it is done by:

  • Reaching out to the Buyers in the database,
  • Cross-search the buyers in waiting who are looking for a home like this,
  • Reach out by marketing to the agents who may have buyers interested,
  • Create ads to promote the Tour of Homes on these properties,
  • Get all the information about the home up front so the buyers can bid on it (the homes are pre-inspected so the buyer’s know what they are bidding on)

That way sellers can make great offers and even waive their inspection because the information the buyers receive is so thorough.

Is Realty Bid System for every home seller?

  • Not necessarily, some homes sellers are not in a hurry and want to slow down the home selling process so they can plan out their move.  But there are a few that want to get their home sold fast, yet they want TOP Dollar, and are offering the home completely as is.
  • RBID is designed to create a greater perception of value for prospective buyers and their agents. 
  • Each RBID home carries a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee that guarantees the Buyers satisfaction of the purchase of their home.
  • These homes also have a 12 Month home warranty against system failures as well.
  • Buyers bid on them through a unique and hassle-free auction like bid system.
  • To qualify for this auction, your home must be a very good value – this is accomplished by eliminating any negotiating or speculation room to insure an aggressive asking price.
  • But the great news is the home seller reserves the right to reject any unacceptable bids .

Selling your house fast and getting a great offer for it may take time and lots of effort. But RBID or Realty Bid System may be your solution for it. You can get your home sold quickly for top dollar with less hassle.

If you are thinking of making a move and want to sell your house fast and get a great offer, contact us now!

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