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Barb, many home sellers worry that if they have to sell after a loss in the family can be very overwhelming. What are some of the issues home sellers must know before putting their Colorado Springs area home up for sale while facing a loss in the family?
1. Having to sell a home after losing a spouse or like what happened to me both parents can be challenging.
2. But there are some things you can to do make it run a little more smoothly:

I’m Barb Schlinker and I have helped not only my only family but many, families handle the sale of the homes owned by family members who passed away.
If you want more information about how to do this you can call my office any time at 719 301 3900. If it’s a spouse and you own the home as Joint Tenants in the title:
That means the rights of survivorship and a way to avoid probate
No Issue A parent, if you know it will happen to can ask to be added to title and the same applies.

To sell a home when dealing with an estate there are a few issues to deal with:
You need to hire an agent who understands: Sell a home in Probate, work with all parties in a fair and neutral manner. Work with the Executor of the Estate. Resources in Getting the House Ready for Sale. Marketing to get Top Dollar. You can download my Free Report entitled: What you Need to Know About Your House, Your Mortgage and Taxes.

To order your report visit: and click on the Green Button in the upper right corner or call 719 301 3900. Here are some steps to consider when facing a selling a home with a family member loss:
#1 – Take the process 1 step at a time
#2 – Make sure you have extra Death Certificates to get the title transferred
#3 – If the executor is on the checking accounts that will be helpful
#4 – If the executor is on title that is helpful

PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR SALE. For most, it is a stressful time anyway. But you want to make sure your Estate Sale information is kept private, so the buyer does not know your motivation to sell. Put your best foot forward in the appearance and marketing of the home. A great real estate can help you with that.

Title Companies need to see the Death Certificate if title has not been transferred as part of the selling process. They will also need to see the documentation that shows the Executor has the authority to sign for the Estate With the Executor and all family decision-makers must agree on:

  • Agent
  • Listing price
  • Selling Price
  • Any repairs
  • Closing details

It does not matter who is on the mortgage, it will be paid off at closing. Your privacy about your status as Estate Sale must remain Private. You want an agent who has the knowledge and experience to help you with solutions to your home sale, Regardless of your situation …

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