Having a House to Sell Before You Buy Your Next Home

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Having a House to Sell Before You Buy Your Next Home
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Many people need to Sell their Current Homes Before they Buy Their Next Home How Do They Accomplish This?
1. There are a lot of options but it definitely makes the buyer a home more challenging!
●Talk to your local bank or lender and see if you can qualify for both…best case
●If not the 2nd best case is your home is ON THE Market and HAS a Contract!

2. As long as your contract is moving along just fine, and you are NOT facing competition, we are getting offers like that accepted.

3. the buyer has the opportunity, typically to back out anyway until about 1 week before closing, so the reason…..sale contingency, inspection, don’t like their loan, really does not matter.

4. Have a house to sell that is NOT yet on the market.
●I’ve gotten those contracts accepted if the seller agrees that once we go on the market, their home is expected to sell quickly….
→Which right now is. Any home priced under $500K

Having to Sell a Home BEFORE a Home Buyer Can Buy Their Next Home. What are some other solutions to that issue?

1. Well, right now, with a hot market, the best solution is getting your home on the market and getting it under contract. I drove by a storage place on Woodman yesterday that is advertising:

2 Months FREE storage
→You are moving anyway, this is a great time to start de-cluttering and get things going.
→I have one client using a Pod-Like company to help them do a local move and it is costing less than $2000 and they are packing things away in smaller pods, having them stored away until they are ready for their move to their new home.
To be more competitive against competing offers, it may make sense to get it sold first, stay somewhere temporary then buY Here is why:
→Interest rates are at record lows
→If you have a house to sell there is less room for price negotiation or your offer could be rejected.
●It really depends on the property you are interested in and how much demand there is for it.
→If you win a bidding war it will be tougher to even get a contract in that situation.
●If the home you are interested in is either poorly marketed or has been sitting on the market for a while you may have a chance to get a contract. We are doing just that right now and everything is going smoothly

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