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Get Tax Down Senior Homestead Exemption

Are you over 65 as of January 1, 2023? or
Is your spouse over the age of 65 as of January 1, 2023?
The Senior Homestead Exemption could give you a break on your property taxes if you’ve owned and lived in your home for 10 consecutive years as of January 1, 2023.

We can help you get this reduction. Just fill out the webform to the side and either email or mail you the paper forms you will need for the county you live in. Don’t forget your address!

The deadline to file for this money-saving exemption is July 15, 2023. After that, and until August 15, 2023, you can still file for the exemption, but they will not consider any appeals if you are denied.

Get Tax Down Senior Homestead Exemption

Fill out your address to ensure delivery of the right paper forms. Enter your email if you’d rather get them that way. Let us know in the comments how you’d like to get them.


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