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FREE Use of a Moving Van if you Work with the Barb Schlinker Team

Hi, I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado. And we are so thrilled to introduce to you this brand new moving van! We’re allowing our clients to use anybody on the team that buys or sells with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado, gets to use this van for free! And the reason we’re doing it is a lot of people have scheduled mix-ups, things change, they don’t get the van they expected, or they need some help getting your house ready for sale. We’re providing you with the service at no extra cost, just so to make your move easier and more fun. So let’s go take a tour, check it out! All right, well, I’ll give you a quickie tour of this lovely van. First of all, the gas gauge is hidden behind this door. So you have to open it up and then open this up to put gas in. So I wanted to share with you some special features about this lovely van. First of all, you have to open the door to access the gas, and it’s a nice, comfortable van. It’s actually very comfortable to ride in. We drove it all the way back from Boerne Texas, were On The Move Trucks is, and it’s really comfortable. It has great visibility. Of course, you cannot see anything in the rear view mirror, but we installed a backup camera. So when you are backing up, you can see what’s behind you. You don’t want to do that quickly. And we’re allowing our clients to use it. They just have to fill out a form. We need to get a copy of their driver’s license and their auto insurance. We have commercial insurance that backs them up. And what’s funny is the number one claim for using these is people take them through the drive through like McDonald’s or something. And then they run into the top. So we advise people not to do that, but it’s a really comfortable van. Got lots of cup holders has a radio. So let’s check out the back. That’s all we ask of our clients. They can use it for free. As long as they give us a copy of their driver’s license, fill out a form and a copy of their own auto insurance. We do have commercial insurance to back it up, but it’s a really comfortable van. It turns nice and easy. It has a great field of view. Of course you can’t see in the rear view mirror, however, we did install a backup camera that can show you what’s going on directly behind the truck. So you always want to go backwards very slowly. And then these side mirrors are awesome. The lower mirror is great for the blind spot and the rest of the mirrors for the rest of the road. So very comfortable truck, easy ride riding truck, has a ramp in the back and we’ve got plenty of space for probably two and a half rooms. So people need to get ready for getting their house ready for sale. If they want to use it for a move, it has a ramp that comes out the back and we want to provide it as a courtesy van to our clients as a thank you for working with us and honoring us to handle the purchase or sale of one of their largest assets. So let’s go look at the back. Okay. So we’ve got a lock here in case you have to park it overnight. There is a nice lock on it. Just take that off, lift this up, lift this up, just like that and push it over to the right. And then you just get up on here and use this thing. And there it is! Isn’t it awesome? It’s got a ladder that pulls out right here. All of the floors are wood. There’s a really nice light switch here, so you can light enough at night and there’s even a cubby in the front and included with it is a dolly, and some blankets. So we’re going to add some tie-downs as well. So if you’d like to use our van, all you have to do is give us a call (719) 301-3900. Thank you for watching!

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Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado

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