Colorado Springs Housing Market Update For February 2024

Colorado Springs Housing Market Update For February 2024

Are you considering buying or selling a home in the Colorado Springs area? Don’t wait! Here’s a comprehensive Colorado Springs housing market update for February 2024 to give you insights and understanding of the current housing market situation, and why now might be the ideal time to make your move.

Key Takeaways:

  • Low Inventory Alert Until June:  Housing inventory in the Colorado Springs area is decreasing and is expected to stay low until June 2024.  Despite similar inventory levels compared to the previous year, increased demand from Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z is shaping the market dynamics.
  • Rising Prices and Urgency to Act:  The median list prices of homes are on the rise, signaling a potential upward trend in overall home prices.  Historical trends indicate that waiting could result in missed opportunities, as seen in the price surge from February to June in the previous year.
  • Strategic Considerations for Buyers and Seller Competition:  Interest rates are fluctuating, providing an opportunity for buyers to strategically monitor and secure favorable rates during specific times.  Home sellers face competition from builders offering substantial incentives, emphasizing the importance of realistic pricing and optimal presentation for online visibility.

Low Inventory Until June

The number of available homes in the Colorado Springs area is on the decline and is expected to remain low until June. This scarcity in inventory can have significant implications for both buyers and sellers, making timely action crucial.

Changing Demographics and Increased Demand

Despite having a similar inventory to the previous year, there’s a notable increase in household formations, especially from Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z. This surge in demand adds a dynamic element to the market, influencing pricing and competition.

Rising Median List Prices

One of the key indicators of the current market trendis the substantial uptick in the median list prices of homes. This suggests a potential upward trajectory in home prices, making it imperative for those in the market to act promptly.

Historical Price Trends and Military Buyer Impact

Drawing parallels with the previous year, the period from February to June witnessed a significant increase in prices. Additionally, with military buyers receiving orders in April, the market is expected to see heightened activity during this time, reinforcing the urgency for timely decisions.

Escalating Home Prices

The data reveals a consistent increase in home prices, with the average price climbing from $499k in December to $521k in just over a month. This rapid appreciation underscores the competitive nature of the current market.

Interest Rate Fluctuations and Strategic Buyer Approach

Interest rates are hovering around 6.92% for conventional loans and 6.22% for VA loans. Notably, there’s room for strategic buyers to monitor market fluctuations and potentially secure more favorable rates during specific times.

Anticipated Market Conditions

Expectations point to interest rates remaining in the sixes, mirroring the trends observed in the previous spring. The Federal Reserve’s indication of not reducing interest rates on a broader scale reinforces the need for proactive decision-making.

Builder Incentives and Seller Strategy

Home sellers face competition from builders offering substantial incentives, with reports of up to $41,000 in perks. To navigate this competitive landscape, home sellers are advised to price realistically and focus on optimal presentation to stand out in the online market.

Colorado Springs Housing Market Update For February 2024 Final Thoughts….

The Colorado Springs housing market is currently dynamic and presents opportunities for both buyers and sellers. However, with low inventory, rising prices, and changing demographics, swift and informed decisions are key. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or considering selling, now is the time to act.

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Colorado Springs Housing Market Update February 2024
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