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Buying a Home When You Have a House to Sell
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When people have a house to sell before they buy their next home, how can they make that work?

1. If they need their net proceeds out of their home to buy their next home there are a few options to consider:
o Some people fear the risk of two payments and will not make a move without selling their home first.
o That’s ok, it just creates a little bit more, carefully times work on our part, we can do it though
o I recently had a client who was in that situation but they qualify for both the home they are selling and the one they are buying,

❖ We were seeing homes they were interested in flying off the shelf
➢Scheduled 3 homes on Thursday for Sat am show
➢ 2 were canceled because they went U/C on Friday
➢That is in a $575-600K price point!
❖They got a Heloc line of credit to use as their down payment
❖Qualified to Buy First then take their time selling and moving out…Ahhh! Much less stress if you can do that

2. If you need to Sell first here are the options:
●Put your home on the market, make an offer contingent on your home selling
●Might get shot down a bit
●Wait to get a contract then make an offer contingent on your home closing
●Puts closing in doubt for your seller because waiting for 2 deals to go through

Take advantage of our Catch 22 Solution of our Guaranteed Sale, we offer a guaranteed sale program.
Must agree on a price, to find out more about we would have to see the home first and meet and discuss the sale.

What are some OTHER THINGS PEOPLE SHOULD CONSIDER when they have a house to sell?
Talk to a lender you trust first, make sure you are prepared before you accept a contract. There are only two ‘outs’ in a contract for a seller.
Inspection and Appraisal, Consult with a great real estate agent that does these all the time. We write and get these contracts accepted all the time.

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