8 New Marketing Laws Law 9: Pricing Realistically Vs Optimistically

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A shocking fact is, according to the National Association of Realtor statistics homes sellers will net less money if they price high (for negotiating room) then slowly walk the price down!

Pricing a home is the first impression of a home.

Many websites are set up for buyers to search in $50,000 increments.  So, if you price just above your $50,000 increment for “negotiating room” the right buyer may not even see your home. 

We have also noticed that buyers fear their offers will be rejected if they make an offer lower than asking price, so many will shy away from making an offer to ‘open negotiations’.

Pricing a home correctly creates the MOST DEMAND for a home and many times the buyer will bid over asking price if the home is priced just right. 

 I call that pricing Realistically vs pricing Optimistically.

The challenge for home sellers is they sometimes rely on automated online market estimates or agents who poorly chosen recent similar sales – data home sellers do NOT have access to.

We show home sellers how to price their homes realistically which nets them the most amount of money when it sells. 

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