8 New Marketing Laws Law 12: Top 5 Tips To Help You Get Ready for Photos

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8 New Laws to Sell for 11% More – 12 How to Get Ready for Photos

The number one question we get from home sellers is what to do to prepare their homes for sale.  

Our team is structured to help you get ready and it includes our Pre-Marketing Coordinator, our stager, & our photographers and staff who will help you along the way.  To give you a preview of our systems:

Here are the top 5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Photos:

#1 Make sure you have good curb appeal – Buyers will drive by your home before first, they choose to see it so you want it to look great outside.  Even in the winter when yards are dormant, you can make your home look great.

Freshen the flower beds with mulch any maybe a few fake flowers. Get rid of any yard debris.

#2 De-Clutter – The best way to tell if it is cluttered is to take photos of your key rooms and view them. Rooms like kitchens, baths, living rooms, master & guest rooms. 

De-clutter action one room at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. 

Our stagers will help you decide what to leave out and what to pack away.  So do not pack your art work and major furniture pieces yet.  

A good rule of thumb for de-cluttering is: everything off the counters of the kitchen and baths except a few key items like a coffee pot & hand soap. 

A common question we get is should I put away my family photos? 

The answer is ‘not all of them’ but if you have a wall covered with memoirs it might be a good time to pare that down.

#3 Neutralize any dramatic paint in key rooms – A spare bedroom is not important. However, if your living room is Bronco Orange, it’s time to neutralize the color. 

#4. You can save the closet and garage de-clutter work for last –    We do not take photos of those spaces but buyers will look at them when they walk through to see the size.  For closets, its best to take all the items off the floor to make it look larger.

#5. Buyers these days want a move-in ready home – So, if your carpet has a lot of wear and stains it may be time to invest in replacing carpet or any broken issues in the home. 

We can recommend some great vendors that will save you money and do a great job.

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