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8 New Marketing Laws Law 11: Trade-Up Mistakes

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8 New Laws to Sell Your Home for 11% More – 11 Trade Up Mistakes – How to Sell and Buy a House

Trade-Up Mistakes:  How to Sell and Buy a House

In this robust Real Estate market many home buyers fear their home will sell their home so fast and they have not yet found their next home. This video is about How to Sell and Buy a House at the Same Time and some Costly Home Sellers Mistakes when moving up to another home.

#1 Costly Mistake – Failing to Make the Necessary Improvement to motivate a buyer to purchase the home.  Most buyers expect their homes to be move-in ready. That means it’s time to neutralize the paint, replace that tired stained carpet, update the kitchen appliances and make sure your curb appeal is great.

#2 Costly Mistake – Falling in LOVE with your next home and being financially ready to buy it. 

It’s so exciting to start shopping for new home.  

If you need your money from the sale of your home to buy your next home, there are several options: 

a) Bridge Loan

b) There are also loans that allow what is called a “Re-Cast” What that means is you can buy your next home first. Then when your house sells later, you can take the money, pay down your new mortgage without refinancing for a very small fee under $200.

c) Find Financing with a Very Low-Down Payment

d) Even borrowings from retirement could work with no tax liability if you replenish the money with 90 days.

e) Get Your House Under Contract first, will put you in a stronger position if you have to sell first to buy your next home.

#3 The biggest Real Estate Catch 22 is a buyer who has a home to sell when home sellers want a firm offer.  There are many great financing options we can share that solve this problem along with our guaranteed sale. 

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