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8 New Laws Law 2: Differentiation

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Differentiation. To attract the highest possible offer; a home must be positioned to attract buyers who will perceive its highest value. 

Yet, there is very little training for real estate agents on how to differentiate a home so that it stands out to a buyer.

Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals understand that there is a perfect buyer profile for the buyer that would be to pay the most money for your home. 

These professionals attract these perfect buyers by setting your home apart from other homes on the market and by anticipating a buyer’s wants and needs. 

That means positioning the home so a buyer is emotionally attracted to the home based on great photos, the right photos, the right order of photos and the story around the home.

Here are 7 Factors You Should Know About Finding an Agent that can Attract the Best Buyer:

Factor 1: Most agents do what other agents do and just take all the photos and put them in the Multiple Listing Service in no special order.

Factor 2: Most agents put every photo of the property on the Multiple Listing Service, even if the photos do not attract buyers to that home.

Factor 3: Buyers eliminate homes from their list based on the photos

  • Buyers eliminate if the home is missing key rooms.
  • Buyers eliminate if a home has poor quality photos.
  • Buyers eliminate if a home’s first 8 pictures do not grab their attention.
  • Buyers eliminate if a home is poorly staged.
  • Buyers eliminate if a home does not emotionally appeal to them with photos that make the home look more valuable than the asking price
  • Buyers eliminate homes that do not have descriptions that make them emotionally want to see the home.

Factor 4: Most homes are viewed online with 6-8 clicks through the pictures before the buyer decides to move on to other homes, yet a majority of agents are not trained to sequence the best photos first.

Factor 5: Fully three quarters of don’t get what they want for their homes and become disillusioned and – worse – financially disadvantaged when they put their homes on the market.

Factor 6: Buyers will read the property description.  Since buyers buy homes on emotion, Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals are trained on describing the home with words that emotionally attract the best buyers for homes.

Factor 7: My team and I are only 1 of 2 agents in the Colorado Springs area market who are Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals.

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