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What are the Five Keys to Thrive When Selling Your Home?

Yes, there are Five Keys to Thrive, the result most homes sellers are after are:

  1. Get the Most Money When they Sell
  2. Guarantee your home is sold
  3. Know they Can BUY their Next home with Worrying About the Sale
  4. Stay in your home after the sale for Stress-Free Selling


Executing a Simple Plan Done Correctly can SAVE you THOUSANDS

Let’s start with the 1st one:

Be The Best Home On Block

  • In all aspects, condition, and price
  • If you don’t have the resources to update the home…ok then the price it should be priced to be the best home on the block
  • Not all homes are beautiful and show ready
  • Provides it is the BEST DEAL

The Second Key to Thrive

  • Hire an Agent who Knows How to Create Demand
  • Top-notch online and offline presentation
  • Photos matter because 99% of buyers start their search online and…
  • Most eliminate home in less than 57 Seconds
  • More importantly –buyers eliminate homes online based on the photos




Marketing not just on the Multiple Listing Service but in places where the buyers are looking. Our Proven System ALREADY has a database of Buyers in Waiting and other media efforts to attract the RIGHT buyer who will pay TOP Dollar.

The ‘MUST SELL FIRST’ Buyer Ball and Chain…

80% of Buyers nearly impossible to get offers approved Seller want little doubt. We recently had a CASH buyer that got turned away multiple times even though we were just a week or 2 from their house selling.




Just like the car business, which has figured this out, we offer a trade-up program.

Buyers in leases

Buyers with houses to sell first

Not Having the Funds to Back up a Low Appraisal


If potential home sellers want to learn more detail about our systems INCLUDING OUR TRADE UP PROGRAM.

they are welcome to visit BArbHASTHEBuyers.com or Call 719 301 9090



Shock! Most Agents are NOT Trained to Negotiate!

I recently had a listing where the seller wanted the buyer’s agent to negotiate their own fee

The way it works normally is:

  1. Listing Agent gets a contract with the Seller
  2. Listing Agent pays agent who brings the buyer

The result from Working Outside of the Box:

  • The Result from some Negotiation Education to My Colleagues:
    1. Lots of snarky calls and texts
    2. One buyer me their agent said it was already sold (before we started showing)
    3. Very few understood or appreciated that there was a golden nugget I was giving them.

Pricing Correctly


It Relates to Marketing and can…

Repel buyers or

Attract buyers

If you want to know what a buyer would pay for your home in the market. How to prepare to get the most amount of money when you sell your home and tips on what to do and what NOT to do to get ready to sell you can call us at 719 301 9090 or Visit BARBHasTHEBuyers.com



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