What Do Home Inspectors Really Look For?

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What Do Home Inspectors Really Look For?
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The home inspection is one of those things both buyers and sellers fear the most. What do home inspectors look for?

1. They are looking for any defect, safety issue, code violation or deferred maintenance issue that could affect the buyer’s decision to buy or ask for repairs.
2. The most common repair requests that come up on inspections are:
a. Furnace – clean and service
b. AC – clean and service
c. Electrical – Two wires tapped into 1 circuit
Reverse polarity on an outlet
GFCI circuits – this new code does not apply to older homes. But inspectors try to impose new codes on older homes all the time.

d. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
e Roof damage from Hail
f. Fireplace service or chimney cleanouts if wood
g. Radon tests and requests for Radon systems
h. Sometimes – grading away from foundation
i. Deck Repairs

Home Sellers can get ahead of a lot of these issues by getting the regular service work & inspections done up front. This is why picking the right team to sell your home is so important. I’m Richard Randall and you are listening to The Real Estate Voice with Barb Schlinker of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, you can reach Barb at 719 301 3900

What About Home Inspections, Who Should Be At the Inspection and What Typically Happens During a Home Inspection?

1. Agents would prefer the sellers NOT to be there…
2. Typically the Home Buyers and their Agents Attend
3. Many home Sellers ask for us to represent them during the inspection as well.
a. Inspectors are NOT licensed, for liability reasons and agent must escort them.

4. Inspectors will run all the included systems, take photos and check things they can VISUALLY see.
a. They go up in attics, on the roofs, open up electrical and furnace panels to see inside, run the heat and AC systems and check the permit history.
b. I’ve had some surprising experiences will inspectors taking apart pedestal sinks
c. running sewer scope lines through toilets or removing toilets to check the sewer lines.
d. These kinds of things need to be done with permission only and preferably by a licensed plumber.
e. or removing toilets to check the sewer lines.
f. Buyers can inspect anything they want. But their agent has to obtain permission to enter the home with their contractors, escort their contractors to do their inspections.

Many times agents try to get by with not going. But I will not allow it.
You are Listening to Barb Schlinker the Real Estate Voice of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty to call Barb, you can reach Barb at 719 301 3900.

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