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Hi, I’m Barb Schlinker with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Colorado, and you are in for a treat today. I’m about to give you a fabulous exterior view of this fantastic home on 5 acres down 115 priced under $900,000, in a beautiful scenic place that has Garden of the Gods formations in the background, a second building site.

It is close to Fort Carson army base, just a hop skip and away from there. This property 11120 Calle Corvo has a gate, you could lock the gate. If you don’t want people to come onto the property, it’s over 5 acres and you’ve got, it’s full of all these beautiful scrub oak, we just had a wind storm yesterday. A lot of the leaves kind of fell off, but this is the favorite place for deer to hang out and you’ll see eyes. And you can document all of that, but look at how big these scrub oak are massive. Lots of privacy, so this little building was here when they bought the land and it’s just a shed. She uses it for garage sales and stuff. You could do anything with it really, and then they have a path here for their fifth wheel, there is more parking for another recreational vehicle right there, so here, the house is behind the wagon wheel here. It’s a beautiful raised rancher. It has 4 bedrooms, 5 baths. There are lots of places to park. So there’s an oversized side entry, 2 car garage over there, and an extra deep 2 car garage here. So that’s 4 car spaces. And then over there, a massive barn with a big RV door, it’s actually a 40×40 barn with a 24×24 shop, that giant propane tank, right there is included with the sale. Not the contents, but the tank is included and there’s tons of firewood to stay Snuggie warm in the winter. So let’s go check it out here. We’re gonna go to the barn first, so this building here to your left is the ultimate man cave. You’ve got this massive RV garage and then over to the left, it’s kind of hard to see, but there’s another 24×24 addition onto this building designed as a workshop.
So it’s super deep, super wide. You got plenty of room for your stuff, behind us to the right, there are lots of, they’re in the lumber business. So you can see there’s lots of parking for your stuff and your trailers and your toys. Talk about the ultimate man cave space.

Ther’s a 24×24 shop. We’ve got 400 amps service on this property. You got a second, 2 actual safes that are here on the property and look at this awesome, huge lodge and these big giant doors. You can park your RV here. You got skylights. So it’s nice and bright. And this is just an amazing building. You can do a lot with it actually. And one thing that’s very special about the house is that it has another safe. Nice asphalt driveway, we’ve got plenty of space for parking more stuff here, we got wood, enough wood for probably a few years, over here is another 2 car attached garage, now we are gonna take the high, alright, so we’re on the property, there’s a big gully right here. There is lots of wildlife here, just so you know, she has a pond in the back that has fish. Some of the fish didn’t make it cause the bears came down and helped themselves and occasional mountain Lion, Bobcat, Turkey Deer, a little bit of everything. So how about having your own garden of the gods right here on your own properties? This is amazing or what? This rock formation is on the property, you can climb all the way up there. It’s beautiful! You got gorgeous scenic views all the way around and total peace and quiet. So this is the yard in the back of the house, but there’s really scenery all the way around the house. So let’s go look at it. They’ve got nice walkways here from the side of that side garage. Very nice steps. It’s supposed to be able to hold up to the weather.

I love the wagon wheel rails it’s awesome. You’ve got a nice area to play in. There’s also storage back over there for all of your yard implements. And here in a second, we’re going to go on the back. Alright, here is Wendy and I, was cruising around in the golf cart. And we’re about to go out on the back for the same property which is here, all right, so there’s a big field down there. That’s also on the property. It could be used as another building site and there are no covenants. So when they had covenants, you could build a second home on these properties. So it is an option if you wanted to build a second property on the same land.

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