Why Do Some Listings Expire in a Hot Sellers Market?

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Q.Why do Some Listing Expire / Unsold in a Hot Sellers Market?

o Usually, there are 3 main reasons

 Price

 Condition

 Marketing

o Price sellers control

o Condition sellers control

o Marketing agents control

Q.How Could Marketing affect a home seller?

o The #1 Reason is bad pictures – iPhone pics

o The #2 Reason is poor preparation for pictures – clutter

o The #3 Reason is lack of appropriate exposure

 Rex story


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Q.What happens if a listing expires / unsold? 

o The big surprise for most home sellers is they and their family members get pounced on by desperate real estate agents

o There are websites out there which agents can track down phone numbers of them and all of their family members

o They will knock on doors as well.

o We do not knock on doors or call people that took their home of the market.

o  We use direct response marketing.  We place ads and home sellers are compelled to reach out to us for services.

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