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Top Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a Real Estate Agent

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What are some of those questions that people are going to be asking? Picking the right real estate agent could cost you or save you thousands. So it’s an important decision and it’s an interesting fact that it’s something like 82% of people will not go back and use the last real estate agent that they have before.

Whoa! That does not, I mean, because I’d like people to think about this, whether it’s somebody representing you in a divorce or a legal transaction, whether it is somebody who is a doctor, whether it’s even somebody working on your car if 82% of the time you wouldn’t go back to that person that’s saying that’s not a very satisfying experience. So the question is that… Sometimes it’s just they don’t keep in touch with their clients. I went to one where he said: “I love my agent”. I just don’t think she’s in business anymore. I haven’t heard from her. And then she emailed me a week or two later from some real estate companies. So she just, some of the agents don’t keep in touch with the clients that they’ve earned. Well, and communication is one of the top things that you do.

Let’s talk about that because this is something that can, it can save people money or it can cost them a lot of money. What’s the first question people are going to be asking? Well, I say the best question is what makes you different? Why should I hire you over the other 5,000 agents that we have in this market? Right! It’s a good question. Yeah! Somebody, I’ve got somebody I work with who’s got a cousin who got a real estate license and because there is always that pressure of somebody who really doesn’t have very much experience, but there’s a connection there and you don’t want to disappoint people. But you’ve built up who knows, 10, 20, 30 years’ worth of equity in your house or when it comes to buying a house, you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Well, and the other thing is Barb Schlinker, her and her team are in this for the long term and it’s not a part-time job where you have another job and you hope to sell a home or two every couple of years or so. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with Barb? You can call us at our office and our team will answer at 719-301-1802 or you can visit our website at Let’s talk more about, the top questions you should be asking before you even hire a real estate agent. What about negotiations? Is that a good question? it really is because I mean, home sellers want to know that you’re going to that form, right? And it usually there’s a negotiation on the initial offer.

There is another negotiation phase when you get, when they do an inspection and the buyers come back and ask for stuff. Some are legit, some are not. And then there’s the third one. If the appraisal does not agree with the sales price, which all these things happen on this one property. And then at the very end, what happened was the buyer was out of town, the seller was out of town. So all the documents were at the title company closing was, could have been done by noon and suddenly the buyer’s agent decided that he didn’t like one of these repairs. So we said, we’re not going to, I’m going to tell the lender not to hold back the money, which would have meant, he said, we’ll close after three, which is after the wire cut off.

So it would have meant that the sellers didn’t get their money for 3 or 4 more days because it was a Friday. And I thought, why are you doing this? I said read what our agreement was. It made these repairs as necessary. So we had a professional will look at it. He didn’t feel like it was necessary, but the agent thought it needed to be an upgrade. A lot of times they want things wanting something doesn’t make it a necessity, right? So sellers want to know that you’re going to go to that for them and absolutely. I did some flopping on the floor and calling a lot of people and it got done.

Barb Schlinker, you wouldn’t have an attorney or somebody else dealing with a negotiation that hadn’t been through this several times before. Again, that’s why you give Barb a call 719-301-1802 you’re listening to the real estate voice with Barb Schlinker. It’s the show that informs and educates anyone who’s in the market to buy or sell real estate

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