The Top Five Things to Prepare Your Home for Sale

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What are some the top things a home seller should do to prepare their homes for sale?

  1. Curb Appeal – Buyers spend a majority of their time looking at homes at the Front Yard, the Backyard and View.
  2. This time of year there is no excuse not to make your yard look great! 
  3. Even though it’s a hot market.
  4. Buyers will turn their nose up at anything that looks like deferred maintenance and you will never know, it will get eliminated ONLINE
  5. Spoke with one buyer last week that told me she eliminates home in just 5 Clicks!
  6. Wrong:
  7. Cosmetic finishes really impact buyers…

In most price ranges, a home seller’s competition is new construction…. Even if you have stellar views!

Buyers are ‘doing the math

They will say…” for the same payment, I can get a new home with fresh everything AND a warranty.  

  1. Staging and Dealing with Clutter:

Story: I showed a home yesterday in which the closets were filled to the brim, the pantry was busting out…packed with food the garage was so full you could not walk in there, the back yard had deferred landscaping maintenance. But it did have nice views…Buyers could not get past the work and clutter!

We include staging advice and help with these projects. While we do NOT take photos of closets and garages, buyers WILL look at them and assume your home does NOT have enough storage.

Richard, your thoughts closets and clutter…


What are some other things a home seller can do to prepare their homes for sale?


  1. Rent a storage space, many you can get at a starting rate of $1 for the 1st month.
  2. Focus on the Basics:
  3. Curb Appeal
  4. Flooring
  5. Neutral paint
  6. Clean, clean, clean
  7. Flooring is also a big deal for buyers…
  8. They see big expense and hassle in having to replace or improve flooring.
  9. I was in one home yesterday where the engineered prefinished hardwood was severely scratched up by dogs.  Note: this was the same house with the dead yard asking more than the others that size.
  10. The question was:  How do we refinish these floors…Answer…You DON’T! They have to be replaced!  Cha Ching!
  11. Our Stagers will give you great advice on what to do and what NOT to do.

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