The Quest for Main Level Living and How to Find Those Homes

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What is defined as main level living and how to home buyers find them?

  • What is fun about working with buyers is that they all have different wants and needs in a home.
  • Lately, I have noticed with my clientele that there is a growing demand for people to move into a home that has few if any stairs and more easy-care homes with main level living.
  • People entering into the retirement years typically want main level living but enough space to entertain family or grandkids.
  • Main level living is defined as: 


○ Few if any stairs

○ 1, preferably 2 bedrooms on the main level

○ Laundry on the main level and

○Homes that do not require a ton of maintenance

○Some have basements, some do not

○Some the HOA takes care of the yard, exterior snow removal, trash removal, some do not.

○Some are attached to other homes called “Paired Patio Homes”.  Those are homes attached by 1 wall, typically the garage wall.


What Can a Home Buyer Expect to Pay for a Home with Main Level Living?

  1. Ranch style SFA home: Range from $330K – $440 and up!


  1. Typically in the low $400s, you can find about 1500 on main and same in the basement, newer and very nice homes. Some are Brand New.  Classic has New Development in Indigo Ranch that has smaller homes that run about 1500 SF with 2 car garage for about $375K all upgraded!

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We are talking about the Finding Homes that Have Main Level Living, are these homes ready now?

Most of the new construction homes will not be ready for 3-6 months.  But that gives you time to get your home sold.


  • Here is the Catch 22
  • If you HAVE to sell your home BEFORE you buy, most builders require that your home be under contract when the home is started to get framed.
  • What I find is many of the people looking to downsize are NOT in that situation.


○They can buy their new home FIRST

○Then sell their home at their leisure.

○In this hot market that is a good situation


  • No one likes to have to move into storage and then into a home, but sometimes, it’s the best way to get what you want.
  • There are many apartments out there that offer short term rentals.  This gives you more options and a less stressful moving experience.
  • We have stagers that can help guide you on what to store away, how to repurpose things you will not need in your new home, and what to do an what not to do to get your home ready for sale.
  • Also, if you think you are moving later in the year and want to talk to us about getting your house ready to sell. We can do that as well as take photos of the outside and yard while it’s green and in full bloom to make it look great for when you do go on the market.  Curb appeal is a big draw for buyers.

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