Keep an Eye on Cash Offer Scams in Colorado Springs When You Sell a House

Keep an Eye on Cash Offer Scams in Colorado Springs When You Sell a House

Here Are the Tactics Scammers Want to Use on You

Anyone selling a house would love to find a buyer who can pay cash. It would save all kinds of stress and financing delays. But it’s extremely important to beware of cash offer scams in Colorado Springs.

Be aware of what is and isn’t legal before selling your home for cash.

Here are some tips to keep you safe when you accept a cash offer. 

If you’re not actively trying to sell, be wary of cash offers

If your home isn’t listed for sale, but you’re getting offers to buy for cash, it could be a scam.

Scammers often look up the names of homeowners and contact them with a lowball cash offer. They’re hoping you’ll sell for way under market by offering cash and a fast closing.

Most of the time, these requests come from:

  • Investors
  • House Flippers
  • Home Scammers

The majority of these people are trying to take advantage of you.

They may contact you by phone, email, letter, text message, or even by knocking on your door.

It will seem like they’re doing you a favor. But in reality, they trick you into believing the amount of cash they are offering is higher than market price. They’re banking on the fact that you have no idea what your home is worth.

But without a proper home evaluation, there’s no way they can actually know your home’s true value.

Most of the time, they offer you less money than you can get if you list it on the MLS. This often happens to elderly people and people who don’t know their home’s value. 

Even if your home is up for sale, beware of these suspicious offers.

Be smart by knowing the value of your home and doing your homework. The smartest thing is to consult with a real estate expert if you are entertaining the idea of selling your home.

Don’t be fooled by con artists telling you they’re doing you a favor

People making a lowball cash offer try to play the hero and treat you like you’re a friend. They “just want to help,” they say. This red flag could cost you everything, including your home.

These scammers usually go after retired seniors whose homes are in foreclosure or have too many repairs. If it would be difficult to list a house for sale, scammers are on it. 

Make sure you or any loved ones who may be in a vulnerable position aren’t taken advantage of.

A psychologist and professor at Scripps College in California, Stacey Wood, says, “ I see these scams a lot when I investigate elder abuse and exploitation cases.”

If you’re selling your home, professor Wood gives advice to protect yourself from cash offer scams in Colorado Springs. She suggests calling a professional real estate agent before you do anything.

You will get the same, if not more money, when you work with professionals to do things the right way. This will also keep you protected from losing everything.

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