i How to Sell a Home Fast and for the Right Price - Guaranteed!

How to Sell a Home Fast and for the Right Price – Guaranteed!

Sell a home fast in Colorado Springs with this guarantee

Sell a Home Fast in Colorado Springs with this Guarantee

The most important objective of a home seller is that their home sells, for the right price, within the right time frame. Unfortunately, many real estate agents will promise you that a home will sell and then simply can’t fulfill that promise – either the house doesn’t sell, it sells for much less than they were told it would, or it doesn’t sell within the seller’s time frame.

Before you hire a real estate agent, find out what kind of guarantees they offer. These guarantees should be upfront and in-writing at the time you hire the realtor. 

One local Colorado Springs real estate agent has solved this dilemma by creating a Guaranteed Sales Program. The Program guarantees the sale of your home at a price agreeable to you. The guarantee is upfront and in-writing so you have the peace of mind going into the sale that reduces the stress of a home sale. While some homes sit on the market for months, with this guarantee you can be confident that you can sell a home fast. If your home doesn’t sell within the agreed-upon time frame and for the price set at the beginning of your contract, the agent will buy it from you in cash!

This is a win-win – no matter what happens in the market, you are guaranteed that your home will sell either to another buyer or to the agent. 

Guaranteed Home Sale With Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – Barb Has The Buyers

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