How to Price a Home to Get the Most Amount of Money When You Sell?

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How to Price a Home to Get the Most Amount of Money When You Sell?

Q. How do home sellers price a home to get the most amount of money when they sell their home?

  • This may shock people but overpricing a home, according to the NAR stats will net home sellers less money if they price high and slowly walk the price down!
  • Pricing a home correctly creates the most demand for a home and many times the buyer will bid over asking price if the home is priced just right.
  • The way a home seller does with is by being informed about similar recent sales in their area.

Q. What are some mistakes you see in the market about pricing a home

  • Pricing is like the Goldy Locks Nursery Rhime if you price too high it’s a mistake, if you price too low it’s a mistake and if you price just right you’ll create the most demand.
  • The difficult part for home sellers is they do not readily have access to similar home sales. So, if a real estate agent picks the wrong sales it could cost them thousands.
  • Another mistake:
  • Letting their agent dictate the price. Sleeping Bear
  • Agents suggest price too high and not recommending a change if it does not work. You’ll have long days on the market causing home buyers to assume something is wrong with the house.
  • Agents suggesting a price too low to get a quick sale. You’ll net less

We are here talking with Barb Schlinker of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty on the Real Estate Voice show, you can reach Barb at 719-888-3736 or visit  

Q. Barb: How do Home Sellers Set the Right Price? 

  • For us, it is a collaborative decision where we share not just recent sales that are similar to theirs but go over the photos of those homes and have the sellers select which homes are better or worse than theirs.  This sets the stage for THEM to decide on the right price.

We are here with Barb Schlinker on the Real Estate Voice show, to reach Barb call 719-888-3736 or visit

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