How Selling Your House to Zillow is a Rip-off

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Did you know that Big Wall Street companies like Zillow, Open Door & Home Light are offering the easy button to buy your home for cash!

While it may seem like selling your home to a Wall Street company is “the EASY Button” o There is a huge cost to you for doing that.

They do not charge a “commission”

But they do charge what they call..”service fees” from 6.7% to 10% of the sales price.

They offer to buy homes for cash, close when you want and the “benefit” of the buyer paying for repairs. But…there is a catch to the buyer paying for repairs.

Here is how to works. After they make an offer…and you accept their offer, they send out an “evaluator” / corporate-speak for “inspector” to inspect the home.

They then reduce the sale price by tens of thousands so the reality is, you the seller pay for repairs.

We had a home seller in a great area in Colorado Springs. The seller had lots of repair projects underway that they did not want to finish. Just before they hired us to sell their home, they put their house up on Zillow to get an offer.

Not only did the price come in low, but we know it was definitely going to go down from their low offer.

This is how the offer looked:

Soon after Zillow sent me and the seller and we received it.

Zillow offers $478000 minus a 6.7% service fee – that’s Wall Street speak for the commission

That offer was BEFORE their “evaluator” worked the price down from there.

We went on and listed the home and connected them with a great contractor that finished the work for a reasonable price.

Our team went on to sell that home for $510,000, charged a lower commission and put an extra: $32,000 in their pocket!

Why give your hard-earned equity to a wall street investor?

We offer OUR EXCLUSIVE Guaranteed Sale that IS DESIGNED TO GET home sellers the MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY, NOT THE LEAST! To find out more about how you can get the MOST amount of money when you sell your home, visit: or call 719-301-1802

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