Home-Selling Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready

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Many people ask how far in advance they should start preparing to sell their home. You know, planning to sell a home and being prepared is so important and having some good pre-planning in place can save you thousands. 

I’m Barb Schlinker, owner of Parker St Claire Realty and I specialize in helping home sellers sell their home fast and for top dollar. 

You know, seasonality doesn’t really matter. There’s more inventory, so more competition in the summer and there’s less in the winter. But people are buying homes year-round and you know, things are changing in the market. In the wintertime, there’s less inventory. But actually, December is one of our best months typically because it’s sort of in-between the school semesters. And there are plenty of people that actually, you know, want to buy homes at that time. I’ve even had clients that have hired me way ahead of when they actually wanted to sell their home 6 months to a year because they wanted to be prepared and they wanted to know what to do and what not to do to get ready to sell. Pricing is an important thing. If you’re looking in advance, of course, we’ll update when we get closer to selling the home, but you want to have a good pricing strategy. You want to price realistically, not optimistically. In other words, don’t ask for more. For the negotiating room, you will net the most amount of money if you price your home to market and then getting your house ready to sell. Make sure you have good curb appeal. You know at different times a year. It’s kind of hard to do landscaping, but definitely, you want to take care of malts and update the front door on the inside. You want to de-clutter and neutralize as much as possible and fresh and clean and you want to make sure you hire a great real estate agent that knows what to do to help you get ready for sale. We even include staging and that’s one of the things that sellers really want because they don’t know how their home looks, Right? We even added a new white glove service where we take care of everything upfront. We’ll store stuff, we’ll put extra furniture to make it look good, take great photos. 

Another thing you want to check out is your closets in your garage. So we don’t take pictures of those, but you want to make sure that they could see the space and you know, that their stuff will fit in there. A lot of times what happens is the garage becomes the dumping ground for stuff that you don’t want. And if it’s too crowded, people can’t see the space. And then for closets, you want to get everything off the floor for showing. So get those clear Walmart boxes and put your shoes up, it looks bigger that way. And then of course marketing is hugely important. You want to get the most exposure for your home, and that’s really important to get top dollar and you want to hire a great real estate agent that can do that. So as promised, I am offering you a free report getting your house ready to sell. That gives you more detail about what we just talked about. To get your report, visit http://tipstosellfast.com or call us directly at 719-301-1802

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