Getting the Highest Price for Your Home

The single, biggest issue on most home sellers’ minds is “how to achieve the highest sale price”, and yet most homeowners feel disadvantaged and ill-equipped to achieve this goal. Pricing a home is an imperfect science, to begin with, and market factors can cause large swings. The skill (or lack thereof) of the agent responsible for negotiating can, too.

However, negotiating effectively doesn’t have to be as difficult or scary as you would expect. Like anything else, if you have a proven system to follow, and know the signals and the language, you can successfully cause the tables to turn in your favor. Who better to borrow these skills from than professional negotiators who daily sit across the table to try to out-bargain their opponent.

The system the Barb Schlinker Team follow has been outlined in a new FREE special report for home sellers which outlines the 4 most common mistakes most home sellers make when negotiating the price they will sell their home for. One area resident, who credits his knowledge gained from the information revealed in this free special report, net thousands more than his original list price.

Order this report NOW to ensure you get the highest price you can when you sell your home.

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