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For Sale by Owner in Colorado Springs: Realtor Secrets

Thinking of trying For Sale By Owner in Colorado Springs? Does selling your own home without paying realtor commissions appeal to you? 

If so, you may be ready to be one of the brave people who choose to sell their own home without a realtor. Of course, selling your home will come with challenges and you have to be prepared!

Selling a home is not a place for inexperience. Failure to understand what is involved could be difficult and costly. When you are on your own there is no real estate professional to turn to field questions that run the gamut from preparing a property to negotiating a price.

There are also situations you may encounter that can be difficult to deal with. One example is if your home sits on the market longer than you expected. The key is to be prepared. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it could be a lifesaver in the highly fluid environment of competitive real estate and home sales. To keep you from making massive errors, we offer a free report called 10 Tips for Selling Your Home Yourself.

Here’s How to Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent

So the first thing we should do is address the elephant in the room: is it possible to sell For Sale By Owner in Colorado Springs? Can anyone successfully pull off the task of staging and selling their own home without serious regrets?

Before you embark on this adventure there are a few statistics you might want to consider:

  • Less than 12% of home sellers are successful doing it themselves
  • Homes that are sold without a real estate agent sell for approximately a quarter less than those that do.

Selling a home is not easy. It requires experience in a lot of different areas. Prepare to do all the different tasks that a team of real estate professionals would be there to do for you. This includes dozens of tasks that are laborious, time consuming and expensive. There is a lot to prepare for. The first of which is a plethora of unsolicited telephone calls. 

Tips to Deal with Unwanted Phone Calls from Other Realtors

One thing you need to be ready for when you sell your own home is phone calls…lots of phone calls. In fact, get ready for a battery of calls from people who are not calling about purchasing your home. 

When you put up the For Sale By Owner sign, it becomes a powerful beacon that lets the world know you may need and want a real estate agent, even if you really don’t. Real estate agents see this as an opportunity to contact you and help you in the process.

If you decide to field these calls you may not like what you hear. Many of these agents may not be as supportive of your plan to sell a home without an agent. They will volunteer their opinions and information on all the reasons you cannot take on the endeavor of selling your own home.

This wave of unsolicited discouragement might serve as a demotivator for many home sellers.

Of course, there are people who have succeeded in selling their own home. Here are some things to help you attract buyers. Here are 5 realtor tips to help you:

  1. Price Your Home To Sell
  2. Have All The Essential Legal documentation
  3. Create A Marketing Plan For Your Home
  4. Show Your Home Effectively
  5. Make Sure To Pre-Qualify Your Potential Buyers

Make sure to use this report to help you in this challenging process of selling your own home. Of course if you feel this is not for us! Our goal is to help you be successful with your home sale.

For Sale By Owner Realtor Secrets in Colorado Springs: Asking An Expert Real Estate Agent for Guidance

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Barb Has The Buyers will advise you on the benefits and costs of selling your home without the assistance of a real estate professional.  

At the very least we have extensive resources and experience. We can tell you up front some of the obstacles you will face when you sell your own home. What have you got to lose by talking with us?

We’ll Answer Questions About For Sale By Owner in Colorado Springs

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