Barb Has The Home Buyers

How Barb Sells Homes for Top Dollar and Sale Guarantee

Barb Schlinker has over 24 years of real estate experience. Barb is confident she will sell your home Fast and for Top Dollar. If she doesn’t She Will Buy It at a price agreeable to both of you and it’s all in writing.*


Barb is a proud Navy Veteran. Unlike most real estate agents, Barb’s extensive experience in the real estate market is what enables her and her team to sell homes for $11,500 more, on average, and FOUR TIMES faster than the average agent.

How Does Barb Have All These Buyers?

  • Barb’s expert marketing attracts thousands of home buyers from many sources.
  • Barb markets her client’s homes as ‘best buys’ to her private communication networks to those buyers who want exclusive information about homes not found anywhere else. That is why her team is able to meet with so many buyers in her database.
  • Barb Schlinker and Richard Randall host a weekly radio show, the Real Estate Voice that airs on AM 740, KVOR, Every Sunday at 4 pm, where Barb’s latest homes for sale are featured.
  • Barb’s radio show featuring your home, is re-broadcast as a Podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Sticker, iHeartRadio & Alexa
  • On KVOR with the Real Estate Minute during Rush Limbaugh’s show
  • On KRDO, AM 1240 Business Connection & FREE Report Fridays with Ted Robertson

What is the benefit of access to Barb’s Buyers?

Barb has over 22,381 registered buyer contacts in her database. These buyers have provided their home buying criteria and contact information to Barb.

Most real estate agents put a home on the market and then try to find a buyer or hope some other agent will bring them a buyer. We already have a huge database of buyers searching for homes in the area in all price ranges.  We can market directly to our database of buyers as soon as you authorize us to start bringing buyers through your home.

That means we can create more demand for your home and attract the best buyers to your home.

*conditions apply

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