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8 New Marketing Laws Law 4: Market Exposure

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Market Exposure. Your home should be marketed to the right places so the best buyer knows your home is available and has enough lead time to go see it.  

This requires you to be especially careful when selecting a professional. Here’s why. Exposing your home to the market requires marketing. 

Yet, Research shows that the average agent only spends $89 a month on marketing most agents sell 3 or less homes per year. 

Worse yet, many agents will put a home on the listing service and quickly present an offer from the first buyer that comes in the door, in a day or two. There is a problem with that. The problem is… not enough exposure time is given to the buying population in order to see it and make an offer!

The most frequent complaint we get from buyers is…” by the time I found out about it, it was already sold! 

Hire the agent and knows how to attract the most demand and expose the home to the entire population of buyers. 

The key to a smart marketing plan for your home starts with a clear understanding of where buyers are going to search for homes and a real estate agent who will market the home in those locations.

Platinum Accredited Real Estate Professionals know the top websites that attract the most buyers and employ a deep and wide marketing strategy to get more qualified buyers aware of and looking at your home.    

Our marketing includes extensive exposure on all the top social media channels and most of all on YouTube. Buyers like video, Google likes video and one of our marketing efforts is to video your home so the buyers get a virtual walkthrough of the home. 

Then the video link will be posted on all the social media and real estate websites well ahead of when the home is ready for showings.

The traditional ways of selling homes have become increasingly less and less effective, even commoditizing homes into the sea of internet websites. 

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