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8 New Laws to Sell Your Home for 11% More – Law #5 Quick Responsiveness

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Hiring a professional who has developed an immediate response system is critical to acquire a buyer for your home. Think of this as the circuit breaker in your house.

Emails, calls, and showings are like electricity for the sale of your home, so without a system to process and qualify their flow, you risk shorting out a top-dollar offer. 

Here’s why. When a buyer visits your home online, a cooperating agent calls to set up a showing or someone calls from your yard sign….

Studies repeatedly show the fastest response wins the deal. 

Anything more than 15 minutes lowers the chance of your agent making contact and decreases showing your home by up to 105 times. 

Therefore, ask the professionals you’re considering who answers the phone while they’re busy with other clients. What training or certification do they have? 

How do their emails and website leads get responded to over the weekend or after hours?

     And what is their average response time to an incoming lead?      As Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals, we understand that running a business on solid systems and processes are needed to successfully manage all of the variables in the home selling process. 

Quick response is important and there are so many ways to communicate in today’s world….

  • Calls, text, email, Facebook messenger, and on and on…
  • Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals are trained to design their business on systems and people to perform all the tasks needed.
    • We have proprietary automation so our customers get a response instantly such as our House Talk system.
    • The House Talk System presents information about the home on a secondary yard sign and online which allows people to get more detail out our listings instantaneously on their smartphone.

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