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8 New Laws Law 7: Offer Negotiation

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As Platinum Accredited Real Estate Professionals we are trained and certified to offer negotiation and people to serve their clients.

Regardless of how well a home is positioned to attract the perfect buyer, home buyers will likely make demands that are not acceptable to you.  

Therefore, not enough can be said then about hiring an expert who can negotiate an outcome that serves your best interests and who knows the market to share with you whether these demands are consistent with the current market conditions.

Even though the contract says the home is sold…” as-is, where-is, with all its faults”, buyers nearly always ask for stuff after their home inspection.

And if an appraisal comes in low, we are trained to anticipate that event when there is a bidding war and plan for it by helping our buyers make the most competitive offers with an appraisal guarantee and helping our sellers by negotiating through an appraisal issue if it arises.

As Platinum Accredited Real Estate Professionals, because we have a lot of transactions, we have the expertise to properly guide you in negotiations on pricing, inspection, and appraisal negotiations. 

We are offering a Free Report titled:  Beware of Home Inspection Pitfalls Before You Put Your Colorado Springs Area Home Up for Sale call us at 719 60 6200.

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