1120 War Eagle Dr N Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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1120 N War Eagle Drive, beautiful home, great condition, remodeled kitchen and a lot of stuff, backs to open space. So come on in, let’s take a look. I want it to let you know we’re here in the living and the formal dining room and if you’d like to get a private preview of this home or we’re in the process of recording the video tour, then give us a call anytime. We’ll be happy to come over and do a FaceTime showing for you and answer all of your questions and show any kind of detail in this home that you would like, what you can see it’s been remodeled throughout. We’ve got these gleaming hardwood floors. Looks fantastic. Look at this gorgeous ceiling fan and the big surprise is yet to come. Well, hello! Welcome to this beautiful, great room.

They completely remodeled this room, opened up this to the gorgeous remodeled kitchen. You’ve got the floor to ceiling stone clad fireplace, that’s gas. You’ve got, they added these extra picture windows and this fantastic home backs to open space with spectacular mountain views. So come on in let’s check the kitchen out. This remodeled kitchen is to die for, first of all, it has a massive breakfast bar. You can see probably 8 people here, the stools actually the 2 that I sat at the bar and these are included with the sale and they look beautiful in here. You’ve got these fantastic, really high-quality soft close cabinets and all kinds of gorgeous stainless steel appliances and it walks out to this fantastic patio. And then look at all this cabinet space. This is just amazing, is this cool or what? Look in this drawer where you’ve got little pegs that you can place instead of reaching up in the cabinet to get your dishes, you reached down.

Everything is so neat and tidy and organized. You’ve got all the silverware here. You got just every single corner of this kitchen has beautiful, beautiful cabinet space and check it out. They built this gorgeous fan over the top, this amazing carved thing. This is very custom. You don’t find these, you can’t buy these typically, nice gas cooktop with 5 burners. They even added storage here on the, you know they’ve put cabinet facing on the side, so it looks very elegant. And then here, this is where the microwave is in case you’re wondering and throughout this side, you’ve got all these gorgeous pulls out drawers. So there’s lots of storage in this kitchen and beautiful high quality soft close cabinets. Look at all these pull-outs, plenty of room for everything that you need. They put their appliances down in the lower level. Even underneath here there are extra cabinets under the breakfast bar. So let’s go outside because that’s kind of a star of the show besides the kitchen. How about this backyard, this beautiful Trex deck, Jacuzzi over here, back to open space? It’s a walking trail back here. Actually, the last time I was here, there was this beautiful 7-point buck to standing right there by that tree. I thought he was a statuette at first. It was amazing, but he was just one of the locals. And you’ve got this fantastic, very private, beautiful place to entertain.

It sounds really good to me right now. Could you imagine sitting out here looking straight on at Pike’s peak there? It’s an open space. Having a glass of wine, watching the deer wander around and this home has fantastic. If you would like to get a private preview. Call the number on the screen, or we can do a FaceTime video tour of this home at any time. Thank you for watching!

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