Step 5. Pre Market: Where Do You Start? – What Buyers View Online

Hey its Barb Schlinker Here. Thank you again for trusting us with sale of your home. The next steps are to prepare for photos. Here is why this is important:

#1 A Majority of Home Buyers Start Their Search Online

#2 Most view a home online for less than 1 minute! That means you only have 1 online minute to attract the buyer enough to have your home added to the ‘must see’ list.

#3 These are the rooms the buyers spend the most time viewing online:

  • The Exterior – Buyers view this for over 20 Seconds. That is why your curb appeal must be the best it can be.
  • The Backyard or Views – Over 8 Seconds, So make sure the yard is neat and tidy
  • The Living Room gets over 8 seconds of online viewing
  • The Kitchen gets just under 8 seconds
  • The Masterbath is next on their list with just under 8 seconds
  • The Master Bedroom is next with under 8 seconds.
  • Here are some general tips that may help you get started:
  • To Prepare For photos, focus on the following spaces to look great:
    • Curb appeal, living room, kitchen, master & back yard.
    • Of those, Curb appeal is one of the top things buyers look for. So, consider refreshing mulch beds and sprucing up the front door and entry area.

Consider renting a storage space to store excess items that you just cannot part with.
We do not typically take photos of the inside of closets or the inside of garages but here are a few tips to make those spaces look bigger:

For the closets, cleaning these out can wait until just before we start showing. Buyers will want to peek inside the closets to see the size. We recommend you pick as much as you possible can off the closet floor. You can get those clear shoe boxes at Walmart, mark which shoes they are with a sharpie and put them on top of your closet shelves.

For the garage, stack boxes, remove un-needed clutter and make sure the size of the garage is easily visible to the eye. This space does not have to be pretty. Its ok to store things here but at least try to make it neat enough that they can see the garage size.

Let us know when you are ready for photos on the outside because we use these photos to start pre-marketing you home!

Our wonderful Pre-Marketing coordinator will be reaching out to you very shortly to get all the special details out the home and schedule the staging & photos as well as help with planning for our launch day of your home. In the mean time I’ve attached the General Staging Notes to help you get started getting ready for pictures.

We are so excited to get your home sold for Top Dollar.

If you need to call the office you can call 719-301-1802 or email me if you have any questions.

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