Step 10. Getting Ready for Closing

Hi Its Barb Schlinker, there are so many details involved in finalizing a home sale along with moving. Here are a few tips that we hope can make the process easier for you.

#1 We will set up a time convenient for you to close on your home ahead of when the buyer signs. This makes it easier for you. By now the title company has ordered the pay off of your home loan and has prepared to settle up taxes, HOA (if applicable) and pay off your loan at closing. If you have automated payments coming out, I recommend that you stop them. Also go on your mortgage website and change the address of mortgage to your forwarding address. There is typically some money left over in your escrow account that will be mailed to you within a month after closing. My team will give you instructions on what to bring to your signing which includes your photo ids and information about where you want your money wired after closing, or where to send the check if you prefer a check.

#2 Plan on keeping all utilities on until the day after closing but you can let them know what day the title will transfer. If you are using Colorado Springs utilities, they do not typically stop service but they may ask for the buyers name and we are happy to provide that for you.

#3 Many little things need to be handled like shutting off cable and internet, shutting off any security system service, transferring the mail and letting your insurance company know that you are selling the home. On insurance you want to keep it through the day of closing. Most policies are paid 1 year in advance. So make a note that you should call them and ask for a refund of the balance remaining on your home owners insurance after the home closing.

#4 Most buyers will hope you leave the home clean, trash removed & all inclusions in the contract including window coverings and any personal property appliances, garage door remotes and keys. You can leave them in a stack in the kitchen where they are easily found. We will keep the lock box on until closing.

#5 Per the contract, the buyers are entitled to a walk through just prior to closing to make sure all the inspection repairs are completed and inclusions in the home are still there. Although the final walk through is not a re-inspection, the contract does say any system working at the time of the contract is the seller’s responsibility to still be working at closing. So let us know if something fails, we have some great vendors that help you resolve those issues.

We hope your move is as smooth and effortless as it can be. We sincerely appreciate your business and hope that we can help you or your family or friends with any real estate needs in the future. Thank you for your business.

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